Door Knockers

Door knockers are classy, elegant and evergreen in style. Sometimes ornamental in nature, door knockers are generally placed on the outer door and used for knocking. They are composed of two parts: a plate fixed to the door and hinged piece attached to the plate.

Made of various materials like brass, cast iron, pewter, steel and bronze, these door knockers suit different decor styles and weather conditions. Choose a door knocker in accordance with the decor and theme of the house.

The door knockers are available in two types of mountings: through-the-door and surface mounting. Through-the-door mounting means drilling holes through the door and fixing the door knocker from the inside of the door. Whereas in surface mounting, a door knocker is screwed directly from the door on the outside.

Whether it be the modern minimalist style doorknocker or the elegant, classic style, doorknockers are in vogue and liven up the door!

Therefore, we have done a special on door knockers which are really unique and special in their own way.
Many architectural structures are designed to bring attention to their entranceways, especially houses. When guests arrive, doors are the first things they see; the best doorways are warm, inviting and unique. Because the door is the focal point of the entranceway, it’s impossible to miss a door knocker. These decorative pieces add elegance and distinction to any doorway, setting it apart from the other houses on the street.
Although there is no official history regarding door knockers, they have been around since people have been living in dwellings. They were especially popular during from medieval times up through the 18th century, or until they were replaced by the electric doorbell. Although some people still use them as decorations, very few have practical use. Still, with so many types available, there is a style that will fit any preference.

Door knockers are classified into three parts:

1. Antique Brass Door Knocker:

To evoke Georgian traditions at your property, antique brass can be the perfect material to choose for your new door knockers. This particular era from our history roughly covered the years between 1714 and 1830 and has plenty of impressive home design ideas attached to it. There is something extremely beautiful about antique brass door knockers because of the lovely texture and glint of this classy metal. These door knockers have a wonderful finish and lustre. Different types of polished brass exude these colors: gold, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, antique nickel and weathered black.

2. Fun Door Knocker:

Are you a fan of the creative and out-of-the-box concepts? Then let your imagination run freely and let the creative juices flow – Try out these fun door knockers which are interesting to look at and add a dash of fun, adventure and style to your home.

3. Vintage Door Knocker:

Vintage is beautiful and charming. Re-creating an old world charm for your house could be a whole lot of work. From drapes to the furniture, getting the right, elegant look with tasteful furniture is a task in itself. Why not start by adorning your door with a beautiful piece of vintage style door knocker?