Hook Rails

Hook Rails
Coat hook rails are probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep things wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find. We have a wide range of coat hook rails that hold everything from shirts to coat. And all sorts of different hooks that give almost anything a lift.

In fitting out a dressing-room or wardrobe with Ashtbhuj or Metal Handicraft Export the choice of model is dependent on the storage capacity required. In a small room more hanging space can be created by adding, for instance, an extra aluminium strip with single or double coat hook rails. Size of the units is no problem. Ashtbhuj or Metal Handicraft Export can be supplied in any length.

The coat hook rails cross bar and hooks are made of light metal and characterised by their simple yet striking design. The various hook types, such as single and double hooks in combination with hat and coat hooks, enable a very high capacity limit. The coat rack features high user-friendliness with large crowds thanks to rapid retrieval and particular ease of use.

Hang the towels on the exclusive Towel hook Rails we have manufactured just for our prestigious customers. These have a great appeal in the washrooms and are extremely reliable as their performance is concerned. Moreover, they incorporate some of the major features such as sturdy construction, corrosion resistance, long service life and abrasion resistant finish.

Ashtbhuj or Metal Handicraft Export offers a wide range of coat hook rails that are well known for precision designing and construction standards to meet the specific application requirements. Available at competitive price, we also provide customization facility for this corrosion and rust free product as per our clients’ specifications.