Pull Handles

Pull handles are the ones you grip and pull to open a door. They are modern, sleek and gives a modern look to any door. They are specially used on double doors, to grip on side and pull the other to open the doors. They are often used to make a dramatic statement to adorn a contemporary styled property.
There are four basic types of lock sets being used in door hardware nowadays:
• Passage lock set, which actually includes no lock. They are generally used in general passage rooms, door to hallway, closet etc.
• Then comes privacy lock sets, and just as the name suggests they are used in bedrooms and bathrooms. The privacy side is lockable, and there is a keyhole on the outside.
• Keyed locks come next. They are mostly used in entrances and can be locked on both sides. They have a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
• Dummy handles are non-functional, and there is no locking and latching mechanism.

Knobs and pulls are simple additions that offer an easy way to update the look of a kitchen, bathroom, or furniture piece. These hardware elements come in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes, so there are great options to complement any home. They can function almost as accessories for your cabinets – a nice finishing touch that pulls the room together. But there a lot of different options to choose from, so here are some of the basics about different knob and pull types and features:

Difference between Knobs or Pull Handles

While Knobs and Pull Handles are differentiated from each other by their shape and number of fasteners, these options offer essentially the same functionality, so the choice between them typically comes down to preference. Some feel that pulls provide a sleeker, more modern look, whereas knobs might offer a classic or vintage feel. However, this depends on the exact Knob or Pull Handles, as they both come in a broad range of styles.

Different types of Pull Handles

There are many different types of Pull Handles to choose from, but some of the most common include Handle Pull, Bar Pull Handles, Bail Pull Handles, Cup Pull Handles, and Finger Pull Handles. Given below details about different kind of pull handles:

Handle Pull: Handle pull are one of the most basic shapes of drawer pull, featuring a handle that is attached to the cabinet at both ends. This type of pull is frequently installed horizontally on drawers, but vertically on cabinets.

Cup Pull Handles: As their name hints, have something of an upside-down cup shape. They offer a smooth appearance and generally something of a country feel. This is another style that typically is used only on drawers rather than cabinets.

Bar Pull Handles: Bar Pull Handles, although similar in design to handle pulls, do not connect to the cabinet or drawer on either end and are instead suspended by less conspicuous supports under the midsection. Bar pulls offer a sleek silhouette and are frequently used in more modern designs.

Finger Pull Handles: Finger Pull Handles are a bit different than other cabinet and drawer pulls, as they are installed on the back side of a cabinet door. These are made to be opened with just a couple fingers, and they offer a sleek minimalist look that would be at home in any modern home.

Bail Pull Handles: Bail Pull Handles, also frequently called drop pulls consist of two anchoring points with a pivoting handle suspended between them. Bail pulls are typically used exclusively on drawers, as they would not hang correctly on a cabinet door.