Flush Pull Handles

Flush Pull Handles
Flush pull handles and retractable handles in plastic and metal for door pull and machine panels. Easy to assemble, lightweight and ergonomic designs provide a comfortable and secure grip for the operator’s hand. The flush pull handle is available in brass, iron, steel.

This built-in flush pull handle is distinguished by its remarkable lightness and mechanical strength. In addition, the special design without protrusions and the shaped handle, inside, offer the maximum safety for the operator and a reduction of noise during use. Complementing the range are other stainless steel handles with elegant shapes and surface finishes.

Generating space with sliding doors! Regardless of whether the work involves redevelopment, renovation, conversion, extension, select interior-finishing or residential / smaller commercial new-build, sliding doors make for enhanced planning flexibility and floor-space efficiency. Moreover, they are a particularly pleasing means of accessing spaces.

Flush pull handles are classified into following ways:

Oval Flush Pull Handles:

Rectangular Flush Pull Handles:

Square Flush Pull Handles:

Round Flush Pull Handles: