Metal Letter Plates

Metal Letter Plates
A letter box is the opening in a door designed to take mail into your property. Often referred to as letter boxes or letter plates, they come in many different colours and sizes. In the modern day the most popular types are uPVC letter boxes. Through years of use they often become worn out or broken requiring you to look for a replacement uPVC letterbox.

A letter box is more than merely a place for mail to be posted through to your property. The style, colour and finish of a front door letterbox will have a big impact on the look of the entrance to your home, so finding the right door letter box for your property is important. Whether you’re replacing an existing door post box or want something to fit into a brand new or reclaimed door, we have a wide range of metal letter plates for your letterboxes.

Indoor letterbox can be as simple or ornate as you choose, with our range including indoor letterbox letter plates in many different finishes, such as brass, black iron, bronze, nickel, chrome, stainless steel and many more. With a range including vertical and horizontal Indoor letterboxes for doors, to perfectly complement the look of your home’s frontage, we also stock large Indoor letterboxes for doors that require them, so you don’t have to compromise on the style or finish you want, even if you have some specialist requirements.

Letterboxes for front doors

It’s not just the exterior part of your letterbox that is important; your internal letterbox flap should also be considered, and whether any letter box protectors or cages are required. With internal letterbox covers, security hoods and tidies also available you can pick the option that works best for your style and period of property, inside and out; looking great and being highly practical too.

When it comes to letterbox fittings and fixtures, Ashtbhuj or Metal Handicraft Export provides great value for money and excellent customer service, so if you are in the market for brand new letterboxes for your home or commercial property, why would you go anywhere else?

Please take a look through the entire range of letter box fixtures and fittings that we have in stock here at Ashtbhuj or Metal Handicraft, and when you have the found the letterbox letter plates you would like to buy, you can place your order quickly and easily using our online shopping facility.

We have a large selection of metal letter plates in solid brass, antique brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and black iron.

How to choose right metal letter plates according to your requirement:

To ensure you get the right letter plate for your front door, first check the following measurements:
1. The overall size of the letter plate to ensure it will fit on your door.
2. The aperture size or opening of the letter plate. The hole in your door needs to be slightly larger to allow the the flap to open into the hole in your door.
3. The distance between the two centres of the fixing bolts on the back of the letter plate.

Key features of our metal letter plates:

• Large style letter plates are ideal for those who receive larger mail and are suitable for use where A4 sized paper and envelopes need to be delivered without being folded.
• Our selection of letter plates, letter box covers and internal flaps for front doors are available in small, medium and large sizes with most of the letter box range spring loaded.
• For the inside of the door we stock a selection of internal letterbox flaps and draught proof brushes to cover the inside hole.
• We stock traditional plain style Victorian and roped pattern Georgian design letter box covers, as well as brass letterboxes and flush style letter plates made from satin or polished stainless steel.
• For additional protection our security hoods are angled pieces of metal known as cowls.

Ashtbhuj or Metal Handicraft Export classified Metal Letter Plates into two parts:

1. Horizontal letter plates: The brushed dark grey of the pewter finish is hand applied after casting, adding a unique contemporary finish to the solid brass base material. In a stepped design, the letter plate is sturdy and robust. Features a spring-loaded flap, keeping the aperture sealed and reducing draughts.

2. Vertical letter plates: Sprung push-in letter plate, hinged at top (short side). Although it is possible to fit any sprung horizontal plate vertically, only this specific one can be used with an internal flap to tidy the inside of the door.